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December 17, 2012


Tony Dyer

Often people are marginalised and excluded for a host of reasons including being made a joke of by those who should know better. Petty politics have also marginalise good Scots folk. Those who want to cling to wealth and power don't want the just, righteous, and guid people of Scotland to shape and inform the development of this part of the UK. No one wants to put their head above the parapet to have it virtually and in actuality chopped off.
There are lots of good, honest, capable men and women of Scots decent out there who, given and fair and equitable opportunity would take this country to heights that can't even be dreamt of by those shoddy politicians who cling to power and speak empty and ill conceived policies.

Steven Ritchie

In any society where there are foreign systems in place, or where systems are in place that the native people may feel is foreign to them, they tend not to rise to the top, because they deliberately shun the system they feel is foreign to them.

Could it be that there are certain working practices and recruitment systems that are so foreign to local people that they shun them?

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