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August 15, 2012


Lorna Martin

Tricia Marwick would be an interesting panellist re woman in politics.

Lily G

Great to see this online. Can we get it to 100 women by the weekend...? I do like a challenge....

Bill Scott

A few more suggestions - Pam Duncan - disability campaigner & Labour activist, Independent Living in Scotland project, Tressa Burke, CEO, Glasgow Disability Alliance and Satwat Rehman, CEO, One Parent Families Scotland. All highly articulate and opinionated women with things to say on the big issues of the day.

Lorna J. Waite

Can you add me to list please....
Dr. Lorna J. Waite, writer, researcher, peace activist, Gaelic learner.
Will ask some other women if they wish to be included.

Jenny Kemp

Happy to stay on the list but I'm ex Labour, no longer a member. Main interest is violence against women/gender/equality issues but also shared parenting/flexi working and secularism.

Sandra Webster

Hello I am not one for self promotion but can I add myself to the list? I am a mature student at Glasgow Uni and mum to two sons with autism. This has made me active in disability and welfare benefit refom issues which I both write and speak about. I am also an Ambassador for the National Autistic Society Scotland and a champion for the National Theatre Of Scotland. I am also co-spokesperson for the Scottish Socialist Party. I describe myself as a republican feminist and am active in the indy ref discussions too.
Thankyou Sandra.I know a few other women who would like to be listed and will get back to you. Thanks for doing this.

Sandra Webster

Can I also nominate Leonna McNeil. Who is part of the Faslane Peace Camp. She is a very eloquent speaker on all issues relating to trident and nuclear disarnment and is part of the Say No to Nato coelition.

Dave Moxham

Sally Foster Fulton; Convenor of the Church of Scotland Church and Society Council

Robina Qureshi; Director, Positive Action in Housing

Esther Roberton, Chair, Sacro;
Commissioner,Press Complaints Commission; Former Co-ordinator of Scottish Constitutional Convention

Jim Monaghan

Rosemary Byrne, former Solidarity MSP and EIS Secretary. Fatima Uygun, Govanhill Baths and ant-racism campaigner. Claire Askew, poet and blogger

Katherine Trebeck

Judith Robertson oxfam and shabnam mustapha amnesty Scotland

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