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May 26, 2012



without comment a reposting of the cybernat opinion...
stevie Black on May 26, 2012 at 00:33 said:

Miserable, femino-centric roaring pish. Lesley, you can do better than that! The launch had its faults, but your uncharitable and wumminist analysis is neither clever nor truthful. I normally respect your opinion but this is lazy, cynical, rude and nowhere near thoughtful enough.


Lesley, I don't consider myself a caveman in any sense. The broader a church we have pitching the 'Yes' campaign the better, so if anyone from any of the groups you mention including women wish to step forward I can't imagine they'd be made anything other than welcome. I don't know if we can ever please everybody at once but those parties need to speak up and put themselves forward too so their voices can be added to the chorus.
No one is going to prevent them, I'm pretty positive of that.
I'm new to your blog and in truth I've only been following the Great Debate closely since the turn of the year but I'm finding it a good informative read, keep up the good work.

Wayne Brown


Independence is about making and taking responsibility for decisions about our own affairs. (notice the full stop). But we can't just keep repeating that for the next two and a half years, so we will inevitably have to bore ourselves with lots more stuff about what the SNP will do once we are independent (not Labour etc because they don't want to think about it in case it implies that a yes vote is possible).

But more to your main point - If the men are getting it wrong, let's see the women getting it right. If the SNP/yes campaign are getting it wrong let's see others getting it right. And more strength to your/their elbow.

Labour supporters for Independence would be - a fantasy ? but brilliant.(Incidentally, byraway, reducing Independence to Indy does the non-indies' job for them - why demean your own cause?)

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