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January 17, 2011



Interesting Lesley. Didn't realise you were a secondary witness. Wouldn't have thought it would have counted in court tho, if someone tells you something isn't that just hearsay? I'm surprised.

You mention we have to

"weigh the allegations against the trustworthiness and reliability of the person making them"

From what I could see there wasn't much trustworthiness between the lot of them but you could have cut the hatred and bitterness around in chunks and if you'd thrown it at someone's head you'd have surely killed them. That makes the motivation of all pretty uncertain and unreliable too.

The whole thing has been bizarre. The guy who produced the tape for example: that was evidence and should have gone to the Police yet it was sold to the NOTW for £200,000. Something very odd there surely? What happened to him then for selling potential Crown evidence in a criminal investigation to a newspaper? Is the SSP ok with that too, that he personally gained to the extent he did? I think the guy should have been charged. I think the NOTW should have been charged too. You can't go round buying and selling Crown evidence. Its outrageous. It is absolute contempt.

As for the reputations of the ladies in court. Oh come on now Lesley. At least two sold their stories to the NOTW and didn't blush over the details. At least one admitted she lied about some things and was offered more money to spice it all up. She also went to a Union official and claimed she was being pressured to co operate or lose a new contract. Another whose story was disproved first time around sent a sick note and didn't even appear at the second trial. Her tales were rejected. Any perjury charges there? Nope. We had the shocking news that these minutes they'd been on about weren't in fact even ratified. One witness eventually confirmed this after giving various answers to the direct question one of which was "Mibbys aye mibbys naw" and this in a court of law. Oh please! But it came out eventually that the minutes hadn't even been agreed. That means it wasn't even an official minute of the meeting. Bizarre! You really couldnae make it up.

So I'm finding it difficult to figure out who you're talking about here. All of them were happy to feed muck to the NOTW, some for money. Their reputations were long gone and they didn't seem bothered about it then.

For me the NOTW appeal should have been heard. Then everything would have been gone over again without the outrageous nonsense we have seen and without the massive costs either.

The conduct of Lothian and Borders has also been absolutely incredible. We've got emails between Police Officers and others regarding one of the prosecution witnesses, with whom he is on first name terms, stating he can travel from one Scottish city to another and take her wherever she needs to go. We have emails from her to him thanking him for bringing coffee and muffins when he came to interview her, errrr, in the presence of a journalist. Ehhhh?

Did they do things like this for the Sheridans? No, with the Sheridans we got Police leaking Crown evidence in the form of interview tapes to the BBC and we see one of them accusing Gail Sheridan of displaying signs of being schooled in IRA/PIRA methods because she chose to remain silent, on legal advice, during her interview. We get a dozen of Lothian and Borders' finest arriving at the Sheridan home to ransack it. And not a single muffin did they bring with them on that occasion. I mean, dearie me, where is the balance here? Where is the law?

Its an almighty mess. That's what it is. And no one emerges from it with dignity.

I agree with you tho that Gail should not stand but I don't think you will stop her. I think its really bad news for the election itself and for Scotland. I think it will be bad news for her too because I think the socialist vote in Glasgow is stone dead for now. I think the disgust level is high and that its across the board. Which is a shame.

We did not need what we saw in that court in recent months and we certainly don't need it dragging on all the way to May. The debate pre-election should be about more important things. Heaven knows there are enough of those to debate.


I can't help wondering if the ‘Sheridan affair’ might be oor wee kailyard adjunct to something much more significant at UK – perhaps international, levels. The Coulston/PM affair highlights how there are many veils and layers of obfuscation amongst the ‘establishment’ and the elites.

I just cannot buy, for instance, that PM David Cameron is so plainly inept in his judgement that he alone just went ahead and appointed Coulston to a critical Government post despite being aware of the attendant great dangers in doing so. Something more there methinks…

There is also something exceedingly extraordinary being revealed as we find out more about the behaviour of the London Metropolitan Police over the whole phone-hacking business… why was one single journalist so rigorously pursued and jailed for hacking the hapless, royal princes of Windsor – whilst so many seemingly more serious journalist wrong-doings are alleged to have gone uninvestigated or even ignored?

All reminiscent of how facts and truths have gradually leached and leaked out about the Al Megrahi case and the increasingly questioned role and status of the Scottish senior judiciary in that affair.

Or are we maybe witnessing, in the form of the MetroLondon media-political circus, the equivalent of a royal medieval court; where corruption and dissolute behaviour festers ever-more, whilst the rest of the kingdom is disrespected or disregarded as the inferiors outside the castle walls?

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