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January 31, 2011


Fi Martynoga

Bravo. My vote is wholly for the informal, friendly, Hub AND for change in the planning laws to allow those huts Lesley talks of to be built. Readers are invited to join the Reforesting Scotland Campaign for a Thousand Huts, to be launched with the next issue of the RS Journal in March. See www.reforestingscotland.org


Give it a rest

They lost a tender process fair and square, and the worlds getting sick of listening to this.

While you're paying the woman card why not play the lesbian one as well?


Terrific piece and a very well made point.

Why exactly can't we have both cafes? Visitors can then choose which cafe they prefer.

This isn't the only example of the little guy losing out; it's been happening for years on the high street. Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. I thought the tide was turning on this, but I think I thought too soon.

Good luck with the campaign Emma and Tracy.


@I'm Tired - Why not play the childish jerk card? Or wait, you already did.

Dr Charlie

While this is frankly an awful piece of journalism we should take from this that the hub is not some kind of Forestry Commission loss-leader, it generated revenue and enhanced custom to the area and this decision is not in keeping with the spirit of the trail users who the FC hope will provide them with custom.


I'm tired - hmm heard of Andy Gray and Richard Keys!!!! Your comments leave a lot to be desired. I think if this was your business the boot would be on the other foot. Or are you indeed the sneak who went in the back door and stiched up your fellow businessman?

I am a local - this was and is a local business built from scratch for bikers and walkers who want to enjoy the outdooors and not be told - please take your muddy boots and clothes off before you sit on my expensive furniture and eat my over priced bulk bought packaged food.. ohh and by the way leave your dog miles away from my door!

Dr Charlie

Oh, and @I'M TIRED...

Your second comment undermined any validity and authority that you hoped to gleam from your first comment. Grow up, hey!

Colin Mcnaughton

The worlds gettings sick of listening eh ? My friend, you are so very far from right, it's hard to even picture your perspective.

Who even gave you the right to speak for the world?

I use the wee place regularly, and I'd like it to stay. And as far as I'm concerned the more people that know about it, the better.

Oh, and jog on. Once you hit water, keep going....

Gavin Duffy

and since when has gender or sexual orientation had anything to do with the tender process you f@kin' chauvanistic homophobe

The tender process is oriented towards large companies, small businesses simply don't stand a chance against it. The Hub has the support of the MTB community at GT, no body wants to see then leave they are part of the community.

The issue is that the faceless wonders who have adjudicated the tender process have based it on a totally inflexible set of criteria. "The rules cannot be broken" "it is a fair process that favours no one party" but in it's very impartiality it is grossly unfair.

You know what happens when you have inflexible rules, next thing you start hearing is "we were only following orders" and it's not a great stretch before you get to "oh I hear the weather in Poland is nice"

The tendering rules are unfair and unethical and this needs to be stopped

FYI "I'm tired" I'm a male, straight 43 year old Mountain Biker.

david G

For many of us, who saw the biking at GT grow from nothing to a thriving industry, over a decade and more, we feel a debt owed to The Hub and the people there. They showed a generous welcome to locals and tourists alike, and made me and many friends proud to know them. The crowd who use The Hub will be the muddy bikers, the new center will be the visitors, and there is surely room for both.
ps: I'M TIRED: you gave away your own bigotries within a very short post. Thankfully you also clearly identified yourself as bitter and rather dim.


If the Peel Centre works, no doubt the FC will try the same kind of approach elsewhere, muscling out more tenants and small local businesses in the name of 'sustainable' development. If it's a white elephant, the FC will probably go in a big huff and announce that trail centres are not sustainable after all, and drop the maintenance and investment trail centres REALLY need (ie in trails). Modest investment in trails can provide world class facilities that bikers will PAY for and flock to, allowing local businesses like The Hub to flourish. Let's change the rules!

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