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August 17, 2009


Neil Craig

That is something to be proud of. I know myself the feeling of uncovering something really nasty & finding that rather than being attacked for it it gets ignored as unhelpful.

Sidney Harry

Allan Francovich was probably killed with a nerve agent which vaporizes and leaves no trace after it has been administered, according to a conspiracy website that I once found.
I wonder why he went to Houston and who invited him?

Baz Walker

I would be interested to know what Stephen Breen concluded from going through every inch of the film to verify it's claims. I thought it was blatantly fraudulent.

Graham Ennis

Lesley, I was at the House of Commons showing, the only showing of the complete uncut film. We almost had to barricade the door of the room that was booked against the Sergeant at arms and his men. At the last minute, the Speaker tried to have it banned. Failed. Since then the facts have expanded. It seems that a lot ore weight should be put on the issues of the investigation into the CIA, Regan, and the drug dealing. If the aircraft had reached America, the evidence on board would have impeached the President.

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