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June 19, 2013


Barry Farquharson

Glad to see (hear?) someone singing Dundee's praises, Lesley.

There is another rather unique wee "secret" place in Dundee - Riverside Nature Park - a wee haven where the emphasis is on the park being for the wildlife and nature in general, rather than the more usual park stuff like neatly trimmed grass and flower beds. Well worth a wee wander round. Very relaxing, despite being sandwiched between the airport and a main road.

Unfortunately the Council in its "wisdom" is planning to deposit a Park and Ride on a large chunk of it. If Dundee actually needs a P&R scheme (which I, and many others, doubt), then that isn't the place for it, as it is too close to the City Centre. A mistake on the scale of those that are currently being torn down. Wouldn't be Dundee City Council if they got everything right though....


this is all planned. the original city grew as things happened, same as others which grew in the era before planning. it was a great place, till town planning came along and did away with randomness.

Vivien Cairns

Growing up in 'rarified' Edinburgh, and living for twenty years in up-market St Andrews, people thought we were crazy to move to Dundee, ten years ago. I am, however, one of the city's most enthusiastic fans. Crossing the Tay Bridge over a dozen times a week, I feel privileged to view that stunning scenery, in all weathers. I can't think of any other UK cities that lie on the north bank of such a magnificent sweep of river, catching any available sunshine, and with such an amazing mountainous backdrop. Dundee's history is fascinating...it's future possibly more so. It's characters are couthy and friendly, with an expanding multicultural community. It is, despite times of national hardship, a city that has a feeling of growing confidence and resurgence. A great place to be in! Thank you, Lesley for such a positive article!!

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