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July 11, 2012




I understand that Lesley doesn't read the comments on her blogs. As she is a BROADCASTER, but not a listener.
I wonder if Lesley has ever considered that she might be wrong???
A simple question...but it's not something that I have ever heard Lesley say... " i am/was wrong about ..."
Do u remember the last time Lesley broadcasted that in print or on the web?... I don't

Nick J

Just picking up on your Lord Reforms chat. Why hasn't any media outlet been brave enough to pick up on the very obvious fact that the Lords represent a permanent pension for MP's. £300 quid a day and all you can eat and you can never be thrown out. No wonder MP's don't vote against it, it's the ultimate retirement package.

I agree, Lords sitting on bank boards does not fill me with confidence, but not as much as a political party, like the Conservatives, that in the last few years have had donations of over £100m of which £47m has come from the city.

The devo max question is a nightmare. My understanding is that devo max has to be offered through Westminster parties, the SNP don't have a mandate for this kind of offer.Only Westminster has the power to decide on 'partial settlement' for want of a better phrase. Is this correct ?

The last thing I want to see is devo max being offered in the ballot, it being voted the most popular choice and then have Westminster declare our referendum not valid and take steps through the courts to have it nullified.

Surely the fist question from Civic Scotland (and other groups that are calling for a second question) to Westminster should be can we have a question in the referendum ballot that offers devolution of economic controls only, leaving defence and foreign affairs at Westminster ?

Once that question is answered, and we know it's legal and won't be rescinded, then the political parties will pick up on it, as will the media and the population.

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