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July 05, 2012


ed iglehart

Excellent work, Lass!

Nick J

Lesley, I've just started listening to the podcast. You and Chris are talking about the constitution convention meeting the other week. (yes, it was good, I've watched the video) and it's interesting to hear the background to the meeting and the lack of female voices on the original panel - glad that was sorted.

However, I though you were a wee bit unfair on Elliot Bulmer. I know you disagreed with him, but I didn't get the impression that he said a constitution should be written by experts and only experts or professionals. I took what he said to mean that to have ordinary citizens involved is fine and to have a constitutional expert for guidance or answering questions is useful. He also stated that his proposals were just that, they were suggestions, a framework if you like. He also stated that his book was not 'THE' model constitution but 'A' model constitution.

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