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May 20, 2012


robert davidson

So the pitch is, we know it is crap in the UK, but it might be even crappier in an Independent Scotland.....if the oil runs out which it is tomorrow allegedly....

David Moynagh

The only person who ever considered himself a darling is Darling himself. He is only one of the Blair bunch of misguided misfits who are history along with a dead labour party. Now if John Smith had lived we would be having a different conversation. Labour is considered as right wing as the tories in the ranks of old labour voters.


Listen to yourselves people.... you can't even do a decent Blackadder joke.... one day , one day soon , you will have to face up to what the vast (confident) majority of the Scottish population thinks about your brigadoon/snp dystopian future.. that we reject it. We've heard the facts, half truths and appeals to the mel gibson side of the Scottish character, and by a clear majority we tell u to get lost.

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