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February 10, 2012


Stewart McCarroll

I guess this problem has been brewing since the formation of SNH, the merging of the Countryside Commission for Scotland (purpose managing/promoting peoples access to the environment) and the Nature Conservancy Council (More science based conservation of the environment)
The two bodies had different priorities and it was never a very comfortable marriage

Andy Myles

Ironically, the only recent querying of the multiplicity (and innate impossibility) of roles SNH are expected to play has come from Scottish Environment LINK - and they don't like it either. See the link below, but in the meantime it is worth adding that community is a complex concept in the world in which we live and consists of both communities of place and communities of interest - simultaneaously. In Barra there might be a clash between the two aspects of community but it will be a foolish politician who tries to rely on the concept of community of place only.

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