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February 14, 2012


David Farrer


For the first time in my life I'll come to the defence of the BBC.

I understand that they wish to give more coverage to sport.

Quite right too. We need live coverage of Celtic v Celtic Reserves twenty five hours a day.

Bill Halliday

I started to notice before the last Election how our hopes of open un-edited debate, risen with the 'New Media' were being strangled by the 'Establishment', in particular the BBC. Such a volte face from when the Thatcherites were on the ropes and the then (Governor) Rifkind, during an early morning Telephone interview, actually had to threaten the Interviewer to try and force him back to what Rifkind wanted to talk about and when Rifkind failed, he actually hung up in the huff. Alas, that was when the Beeb in Scotland was crawling with Blatcherite sycophants. The only answer now is to not watch or listen. It would be interesting how many people have tuned out with rise of the London Centric Neil and Marr on the Beeb. But we desperately need something easy to fill the void rather than have to self edit the rampantly pro-SNP Newsnet Scotland. Anyone know what's happening with the scottishtimes.org launch? Just a thought, wouldn't it be wonderful to have an Independent Internet Based Radio station beaming down on iPhones, Androids and Desktops?

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