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February 16, 2012



Fascinating piece Lesley. Common sense again. I doubt anyone else has picked up the Scandinavian angle.

My ulster born wife (huge devotee of the union due to her upbringing) was mighty impressed by your recent BBC appearance alongside Lord Wallace, Ms Sturgeon and Ms Lamont. Candidate for First Minister she reckoned. Good luck with the gatecrashing.


I think you've got your GDP figures mixed up, Lesley, and as a result being far too generous to the UK! The UK is 6th only in terms of total GDP, and this list is almost completely meaningless because it favours countries with massive populations, which is why countries with massive levels of poverty like India, China and Brazil appear in the top ten. Norway is only in the mid 20s on this list, which tells you that it can't be particularly prescient.

However, it is the far more important GDP per Capita list that ranks Norway at the top, and on this list, the UK is nowhere near the top ten. It languishes down in the 20s, well behind the small but powerful economies of Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco - even behind the much-derided economies of Ireland and Iceland!

Good piece otherwise, though.


It is fascinating to see all you nats gazing longingly at scandinavia and Norway in particular. Now go back and have a look at tax rates in Norway and in particular business taxes. Doesn't quite fit with Salmonds view as he has outlined it so far, with corporation tax cuts at the heart of his economic proposals.

Although of course the cat is out of the bag anyway, Jim Sillars told us all in Holyrood magazine on Tuesday exactly what Eck is up to. Now can we just admit that you don't want independence and move on with the debate about what devolution should look like in the future.

Saor Alba

Jim Sillars said that?? Must be true.


He knows Salmond well enough to know that he will put his own grab for power before the interests of his party or its members. He loves the Bute House job and isn't going to let it go without a fight. If you did get a yes to independence there would be an unholy internal war which would likely split the party.

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