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December 01, 2011


June Edvenson

I really enjoyed reading your observations and comparative remarks about Norwegian culture. As an American living in Norway, I am sometimes non-plussed to decide what elements and aspects to embrace and which to encourage be let go. Your blog article suggests a more positive approach to elements I was, in the middle, taking for granted: their exposition of their own history, artistically and culturally, and their combination of public-private ventures to satisfy the economic conditions of completeness of offers. Loved reading your thoughts.

Ossian MacUrcrin

Agree with June wholeheartedly.
Particularly the points about Native culture taking precedence and prominence over others....Really inspiring.

Thanks for another excellent illuminating article on the Scottish-Scandinavian cultural values that we have in common and also highlighting the differnces between our very similar and yet, very differenr cultures.

Really enjoy reading your work and pretty much learn something new every time I do!

Thank you.

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Like any good University of Chicago grad, I've read a ton of Max Weber, so I like any discussion of a capitalistic work ethic. Also, a friend of Steve has returned from working in London for a year full of complaints about their lazy ways, so this topic has been dinner conversation.

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