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September 27, 2011



A non-articulate 9 year old?
I suspect that's not so much a product of grappling in a netted ring, more perhaps a product of being 9 years old.


Lesley why are you pedaling the myth that bagpipes were banned in Scotland?
They never were... just another snp stooge, getting all couthy when they aren't even bloody scottish.

And onto the subject of sexist generalisations...maybe your young fit balletic girl wrestlers, were being forced into becoming lesbians, and therefore having childless, empty lives.

Lesley Riddoch the sunday posts answer to John Gaunt.. with just the same inability to separate 'opinion' from 'facts' and 'news'

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In each new system, you can see it takes on a new meaning always with respect to whatever it is not.

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