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July 24, 2011



What? "we in Britain have destroyed our freedoms by invading Iraq"..... so we brought terrorism upon ourselves...its our fault???
Not the fundamentalists trying to impose there narrow views on society.

Norway a eugenic nation, built on ...sterilizing the mental ill ...the poor ... criminals or people they just didn't like. Hey presto! decades latter you find that you have a fit, healthy, smart society ...go figure. And you ask "why can't scotland be more like norway?"


Dearie me Pollok. You're running different issues together there and creating something that presents no case at all ultimately
On your first sentence, yes indeed, we did bring terrorism on ourselves through Iraq. It was our illegal invasion of Iraq that brought bombs to London. Oh yes, along with the tide of racism unleashed by the lunatic Bush with considerable assistance from Blair.

I am no "fundamentalist" but I do support the rights of other nations not to be invaded by those who wish to impose "regime change" on a whim. We do not have that right. (We're still doing it in Libya incidentally.) Such an approach, such double standards (while paying lip service to that old principle "democracy" make it easy to understand why the US is despised throughout the world and why we are too, especially in the Middle East.


Dearie me Jo. Very muddled thinking on your and Lesleys part. Surely poor wee Anders could logically claim that Norway 'brought' the massacre upon themselves , as it's the most logical thing that would happen in a racial 'pure' country. Who thought nothing of forcible sterilizing their own citizens to keep the blood line 'pure'... What could the poor man do in a one party state that was so determined to allow large scale immigration from muslim nations... its the only logical way that wee Anders saw in changing the political landscape in his country. Yeah when you think about it by those young socialists brought it upon themselves.... just like those people on the tube in London. It's getting clearer now ...George Bush an Tony Blair did it ..its all there fault.
Definitely not the fault of a far right man/ or British muslim men who want to F**k the world up in a fit of narcissistic rage.

Just another thought Jo, would that rational not work with woman wandering the streets drunk and in short dresses ...bringing rape/sexual assault upon themselves.... an objectionable idea I think ... but not nearly as objectionable as what Lesley said.


Pollok, I think you're the muddled one. In fact after reading that last post I think you're absolutely bonkers.


Nah Jo, I don't make excuses for terrorists... unlike you and Lesley.

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