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June 27, 2010



fiesty stuff ;)
Of course, nearly every battle PLACE through written history has been fought on the ancient ley lines - making them less a politico/religio/monarcho dramas, and more like the High Priest' well-used script for grand sacrifice to old Canaanite-Phoenician gods.
And the precise TIMES of the wars have astrological significance, and are usually heralded by "signs", - our planets movements through the 26,920 year cycle of the Zodiac.
Four years becomes Forty years, Forty becomes Four hudred. Four hundred becomes Four thousand ...

It'd be good to get all your stuff updated in that vitual room ;)

Ken McLean


I am a descendant of those who "chose to leave" during the Clearances. Given that all my relatives came to Canada I can't say I concur with the idea that better weather motivated my ancestors. I am very proud of them for having the courage to leave a bad life in Scotland. Who would want to live in a place where your life was controlled by someone else? Some choice.

I have to say I found this to be a very Anglo discussion. I would be interested to know how Gaelic speakers view the Clearances, and the revisionism of Michael Fry et al. It would also be nice if Scotland included some of the "losers" who left to get a broader perspective on what happened.

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