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January 07, 2008


Skea Ross

A note to keep everyone informed of our progress.

We have had a reply from Aberdeenshire Council and following national guidelines that were issued in 2004 by the Department Of Transport and by the Scottish Executive in 2006 Aberdeenshire Council are now in the process of changing their rules on what is their definition of a Village (who would say Aberdeenshire are proactive ?).

In summary the new definition is that a Village is 600m long with a minimum of 20 houses and a density of at least 3 houses per 100m, importantly street lights are no longer required to make a village a village !

This has always been one of our major arguments in that surely it is safer for pedestrians when there are streetlights rather than when they have to walk along unlit roads, therefore Villages without streetlights actually require lower speed limits ! NOT NO SPEED LIMITS as per the current rules.

It has been through the Aberdeenshire Area Committees and now has to be ratified by the infrastructure committee, once this is done our Village will qualify for a reduced speed limit, hopefully 30mph going by the issued guidelines.

This has taken many years and politicians wonder why people are totally turned off with them. With a small degree of commonsense this should have been easily sorted but instead every trick in the book was used to thwart the residents wishes.

We will keep you all updated but if you also live in a Village with 60 mph vehicles here is your chance to get a safer environment as all defined Villages as above in Scotland should now have either a 30 or 40 mph speed limit irrespective of whether there are streetlights or not.

Skea Ross

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