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December 10, 2007


Tom Sullivan

As usual she loves the sound of her own voice and gets too many so called experts and people from organisations no ones heard of on her radio show and doesn't want the public on the show

I called to criticise what I'd heard from Irvine. I wanted to say it was the most irrelevant and pointless interview I'd heard in a long time, Irvine said nothing new tried to say that the USA didn't have a problem and wants to put the price of booze up.

Nothing new there then, its very expensive to live already in Scotland and so as well as expensive fuel, taxes food and god knows what now if you want a drink they want it to cost you more... Cheers!

I go to the USA on a very regular basis and if I'm invited to a party i can buy a decent dark rum for $6 that's £3 so that tells me we are already being ripped off for our drink.

There's been an alcohol problem for a very long time, if wee Jimmy and Jenny are causing problems then look at the parents.

So i sat in my car for about 30 minutes waiting to say this and more and with 2 minutes to go hung up as i had work to do.

Lesley your show is all about you and you droning on, you let very little public through and usually push to get women on the show so much so just rename it Leslie's woman's hour


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