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November 23, 2007


Susan Torrico

My company sells OnTimeRx, a software reminder application for Palm and Windows Mobile PDAs and smartphones, and OnTimeRx-Windows for desktop and laptop computers. This is the best medication reminder software available anywhere, and we have very loyal and satisfied users all over the world - many in the UK.

Recently my company developed a phone and email reminder service called OnCellrx, that is similar to the PDA version, and it's available in the US - FREE. It can be a bit tricky to figure out the timezones, but if you're creative, give it go and you can schedule our email medication reminders - even in Scotland. We only support phone service in the US presently, but hope to expand to Europe and the UK soon.

"Change" is never easy, but technology can make a lot of things a lot easier, if used properly. Telehealth tools are available and are in use by thousands of patients. It's just a shame that most healthcare professionals take so long to adopt them.
Here's to your HEALTH! Cheers!

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